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Learn in a Live Network Environment – Not a Simulated Environment

Like Other Courses CSX Practitioner Boot Camp is a 5-day, immersive cyber security training course designed to help you build your technical skillset through true hands-on learning. Our Boot Camp is conducted in a live, lab-based network environment – not a simulated environment like other courses. You’ll go through complex cyber security scenarios based on recent, real-world scenarios and be given live incidents to detect and mitigate. You won’t find this level of hands-on experience anywhere else.

Deepen Your Technical Skillset In Just 5 Days.

Our intensive Boot Camp will help you learn critical cyber security concepts and practice applying up-to-date, industry leading methods. Build more advanced technical cyber security skills in only one week!


Use the Same Tools and Scenarios You’ll Encounter Working in the Real World.

CSX Practitioner Boot Camp features practical, up-to-date instruction and practice using the latest open-source tools, within real-world scenarios. Go back to your job with new knowledge and skills you can put to work day one! 


Detect and Mitigate Live Cyber Incidents During Boot Camp.

Learn by actually doing… you’ll walk out after just 5 days knowing how to effectively respond to actual live cyber incidents, in line with NIST, ISO and ISA guidelines. And you’ll be able to confidently speak to the unique aspects of network attacks and compromises


Free, 6-Month Subscription to the Same Live Environment and Labs Used in the Course.

Your Boot Camp experience includes a complimentary, 6-month subscription to CSX Practitioner Practice Labs. Continue to practice building and honing your skills with 24/7 access to the same live cyber lab environment used in the course! 


Course Description

Each day in this immersive training covers complex technical skills and concepts in one of five areas aligned to existing global cyber security frameworks:


  • Identify: Identification, assessment and evaluation of assets, threats and vulnerabilities in both internal and external networks 
  • Protect: Implementation of cyber security controls to protect a system from identified threats
  • Detect: Detection of network and system incidents, events and compromise indicators, along with assessment of potential damage
  • Respond: Execution of comprehensive incident response plans and mitigation of cyber incidents
  • Recover: Recovery from incidents and disasters, including post incident-response documentation and implementation of continuity plans


Each lesson covered in the course is matched with practice labs and tools



Learning Objectives

The course provides students with an environment to discuss and practice methods implemented by cybersecurity professionals in key areas aligned with global cyber security frameworks. Students leave the course prepared to serve as complimentary team members for enterprises who are workforce ready.



Who Should Attend?

The CSX Practitioner Boot Camp is intended for professionals established in the cyber security field — with a minimum of one to five years of experience. Boot Camp attendees leave with a concise, clear understanding of relevant technical skills and the governance and policy supporting the required skillset.

Individuals wishing to register for CSX Practitioner Boot Camp should already demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

  • Network Scanning 
  • Specialized Port Scans 
  • Network Topologies 
  • Network Log Analysis 
  • Centralized Monitoring 
  • Hotfix Distribution 
  • Vulnerability Scanning 
  • Traffic Monitoring 
  • Compromise Indicators 
  • False Positive Identification 
  • Packet Analysis 
  • User Account Controls

Individuals just entering the cyber security field, or who are newer in their cyber security roles, should consider the more comprehensive 3-week series of CSX Practitioner courses:

  • CSX Practitioner Course 1: Identification and Protection, 
  • CSX Practitioner Course 2: Detection and 
  • CSX Practitioner Course 3: Respond and Recover.




3500 € *

(*before tax and processing fees)



  • 5-day instructor-led training course  
  • Accelerated hands-on cyber security training in a small class setting (max. 20 p.)  
  • Outstanding curriculum conducted in a live network environment 
  • Course materials 
  • Free 6-month access to CSX Practitioner Practice Labs – more than a 450€ value!  
  • Morning and afternoon coffee breaks 
  • Lunches daily


Not included:

  • Dinners, travel, hotel and parking accommodations 
  • CSX Practitioner Exam (ISACA Members: US $540 Non-Members: US $725 Special, Limited Time Price: $375!)




CSX Practitioner Boot Camp helps you develop and build the technical cyber security skills necessary to sit for the CSX Practitioner certification exam. Becoming a Certified Cyber Security Practitioner is a testament to your real-life skills and shows employers that you have both the knowledge and the technical ability to walk into an organization and do the job from day one.

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