B3. Digital Forensics

Technical involvement of expert witness


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At a basic level, computer forensics is the analysis of information contained within and created with computer systems and computing devices, typically in the interest of figuring out what happened, when it happened, how it happened, and who was involved.

Such analysis may be required when a computer system has failed or is not operating properly, when there has been misuse of computer system - to find out who is responsible for it, or even when a crime has been committed.

The information collected during a digital forensics investigation is typically not available or not visible to average computer user.

Computer crime and computer-based fraud require thorough investigation and detailed reporting. The evidence should be identified and precautionary kept for further investigation and reporting.

ICT Control experts are taking in charge investigations as directed by jurisdictions and clients. Investigations include IT-related criminal acts that should be assessed and reported with sufficient details to allow for further actions and decision making. 


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