B. Judiciary expertise in Information technology (IT)


ICT Control provides IT-related expertise in judiciary areas such as commercial law for litigations related to information technology contracts and relations, criminal law for forensic and investigation, and intellectual property law for copyright infringement.

ICT Control also provides mediation services, a fast and advantageous method for resolution of ICT related conflicts.

B1. Mediation

Mediation is an amicable dispute resolution process initiated at the request of the companies, either because it is provided for by a clause in the agreement from which the dispute arises or because they freely and expressly choose to pursue it. 

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B2. Expert Witness

Expert Witness Services at ICT Control involve support to the commercial law for litigations related to Information technology contracts and relations, Criminal law for forensic and investigations, and Intellectual property law for copyright infringements.

Our IT Experts are involved in assisting in IT litigations and alternative dispute resolution since 1992.

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B3. Digital Forensics

Computer crime and computer based fraud require thorough investigation and detailed reporting. The evidence should be identified and precautionary kept for further investigation and reporting. ICT Control experts take in charge investigations as directed by jurisdictions and clients. Investigation include IT related criminal acts that should be assessed and reported with sufficient details to allow for further actions and decision making.

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