ISIMONITOR is based on four components:



A distributed, open source search and analytics engine, designed for horizontal scalability, reliability, and easy management. It combines the speed of search with the power of analytics via a sophisticated, developer-friendly query language covering structured, unstructured, and time-series data.



A flexible, open source data collection, enrichment, and transportation pipeline. With connectors to common infrastructure for easy integration, it is designed to efficiently process a growing list of log, event, and unstructured data sources for distribution into a variety of outputs, including ISIMONITOR-SEARCH.



An open source data visualization platform that allows to interact with data through stunning, powerful graphics. From histograms to geomaps, it brings data to life with visuals that can be combined into custom dashboards that help you share insights from your data far and wide.



A simple framework for alerting on anomalies, spikes, or other patterns of interest from data in ISIMONITOR-SEARCH.