Data Protection (EU GDPR)

Support to be ready for GDPR compliance (EU)



Support to Create Digital Trust

Legal and Management Requirements

Define Data Protection objectives and scope 

Risk and Impact Assessment

Identify the gap in reaching defined protection targets ​

Compliance Transformation

Manage compliance-related transformation ​

Information Security and Privacy

Protect and secure architectural components ​

Response and Breach Management

Prepare, React and notify when needed ​



Flexible Solutions

DPO as a Service

Holistic solution for compliance to GDPR: [1] processing conditions; [2] data protection; [3] data breaches; [4] rights of data subjects; [5] reporting. ICTC.EU is appointed as the Data Protection Officer and act as a security advisor and auditor for your company. ​

Support & Advisory

Identify, prioritize and secure most pressing and threatening security matters for GDPR compliance. Includes a risk & cost analysis. ​

Unbundled Offering

Choose from a wide variety of services for strengthening and supporting your internal IT teams. ​

Mentoring Programs

Assisting freshly graduated DPOs and helping them answer practical questions in the workplace. ​

Data collection Optimization

Collect data today in accordance with the GDPR’s processing conditions to allow usage of these after the implementation of the regulation. 


Why you should be prepared?

As of the 25th of May 2018, every European company will be bound to comply with this new regulation that is related to the protection of private data held in their files.

Companies not in compliance with the new regulation will face penalties of up to 4% of annual revenues or EUR 20 million, whichever is higher.

This regulation imposes 5 main adaptations to companies :

  1. Rising the level of private data security 
  2. Monitoring IT systems to allow reporting of eventual security breaches 
  3. Acquiring valid processing conditions granting the right to process data from data subjects 
  4. Implementing new processes for the localisation & suppression of private data in order to respect the new rights of data subjects. 
  5. Preparing reports to demonstrate compliance to Supervisory Authorities (SA) and data subjects 
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