A5. SME IT Support

ICT Control provides help to managers of SMEs in the management of IT, IT processes, security and continuity, monitoring outside services, strategy, etc.

Assistance in the Management of IT

Becoming more complex and expensive, Information Technology (IT) is essential for most small and medium size enterprises (SME). The management of IT is an activity that should be taken by the senior management to ensure adequate decisions are made. ICT Control consultants do not substitute to external or internal technical suppliers and experts.

ICT Control Experts propose a schedule by which essential decision making and monitoring actions are completed. Those include the periodic meetings related to strategy, investment, alignment and monitoring, to be planned once a year or a quarter. Other interventions are made ad-hoc based on external services or products delivery, sudden need for external advice.

IT process Quick scan

ICT Control assists SMEs in the review of IT activities to assess IT processes and evaluate overall maturity and identify needs for improvement.

Investment initiatives, Major projects accomplishment, technology selection, Continuity and security, Service delivery, monitor outside services, accept and integrate purchases, adapt IT to business requirements are some of the decision making requirements. ICT Control consultants evaluate the needs for improvement and propose relevant actions. 

Security and Continuity Quick scan

ICT Control assists SMEs in the review of IT activities to identify potential security risks and recommend mitigation actions. Evaluate more specifically access security, Continuity, virus and intrusion protection, Systems software implementation and other security related activities.

Adequate systems management processes are proposed as a result of the review, including recommendations for implementing improved processes, control the external services that manage and implement hardware, system software and network, Assess confidentiality and privacy risks as well as discuss possible legal obligations and continuity requirements. 

Second Advice on major Projects

In addition to continued monitoring of project risks and regular updating of mitigation actions, this service implies also the management of mitigation activity and the reporting to client on the status of project risks in assistance to client management.

On a periodic basis, ICT Control Experts review project risk, assess implemented actions and recommend further mitigation needs. We accompany major projects meetings, projects delivery and ensure that adequate analysis and design are performed before project is launched. Acceptance and test are supervised along with the review of delivered configuration information and documentation. 

Monitoring of outside services

Our services complement and when necessary improve the decision making by General Management in relation to reducing costs, getting optimal benefits, as well as reducing technical, business related and legal risks related to IT. Develop Requests for proposals, and accompany in the selection process of external suppliers.

Review and definition of exact requirements, implementation schedules, supervise projects proceedings and delivery. Getting assurance for continued support and technical feasibility. Assess proposed prices, qualities and risks. Evaluate project delivery methods and used technologies and implementation and testing practices. 

IT Strategy

Periodic decision making is required to take action in relation to IT. ICT Control consultants accompany Management in the implementation of a regular Strategy process leading to optimal use of investment and operations costs. Meetings are organised on a yearly or more regular basis. Management and major directors are invited to bring their objectives and alignment IT with Business goals.

Benefits of a regular Strategy Setting activity includes the Identification of major business opportunities enabled by IT, Avoidance of major business and risks induced by IT and reduction of business costs as a result of IT initiatives are opportunities for management to excel and to compete. 


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