A. Advisory


ICT Control assists corporate executives and IT management in the decision-making process related to applying good practices to optimize information technology strategy, operations and decision making.

Those include following practices:

  • The Enterprise Governance of IT and the adequate balance of value and risk. 
  • The implementation of Information Security Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.
  • Auditing, certification, gaining assurance and identifying improvement opportunities in relation to the IT activities, control of external suppliers and the management of large investments and projects.
  • The management of risks induced by Information technology. 
  • Accompanying in the control and the risk management of outsourced projects, and 
  • The Sourcing of activities related to IT Management, Security Management, IT Auditing and project control
  • Establish necessary performance indicators for management information.

A1. IT Audit & Assurance

ICT Control provides both internal and external audit services in preparation for a certification for example. More >

A2. Information Security

ICT Control helps clients to develop in-company skills and knowledge and also when required, managed services to achieve regulatory compliance on the basis of best-practice frameworks and standards (for example, ISO/IEC 27001). We offer a variety of services to help them simultaneously minimize risks whilst maximizing potential, including security operations and response management.

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A3. Risk Management

ICT Control assists business leaders to build customized risk management frameworks for their enterprises by integrating the management of IT risk into overall Enterprise Risk Management

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A4. CIO services

Assistance in the management of Information Technology (IT) activities.  Acting as your Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Manager (ITM) in small size or middle sized organisations. Allow management expertise and enable essential decisions in IT.

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A5. SME IT Support

ICT Control provides help to managers of SMEs in the management of IT, IT processes, security and continuity, monitoring outside services, strategy, etc. More >

A6. Communication

Assisting the IT function in communicating succesfully with the other business functions and departments in order to be better understood by the others, on one hand, and to be completely aligned with the business, on the other hand.

Based on recent researches and user experiences, ICT Control developed a method for assisting the IT function in planning and conducting adequate communication to stakeholders.

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A7. Coaching

Coaching of the IT function through professional expert advisors to enhance your manager's competencies.

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Support to be ready for GDPR compliance (EU)

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cyber security services

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cyber security counselor

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Conseiller en sécurité

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