Awareness Material 2015

A series of cyber security awareness material is available below for download.

Feel free to use it with your employees, clients and relations.



This campaign in 2015 is dedicated to the password protection and adequate selection. 

The campaign refers to the website of where you can find:

  • a password test
  • tips & tricks on online safety


Affiches & bannering


Affiches NL PDF (1.18 MB)

Affiches FR PDF (1.18 MB)

Affiches EN PDF (1.18 MB)




bannering PSD (1.08 MB)


Car Hangers


Car Hanger NL PDF (2.35 MB)

Car Hanger FR PDF (2.35 MB)

Car Hanger EN PDF (2.35 MB)




placemat_NL_HR.pdf PDF (3.11 MB)

placemat_FR_HR.pdf PDF (3.11 MB)

placemat_EN_HR.pdf PDF (3.11 MB)



ICT Control advisors remain at your disposal for any additional information. Additional awareness material and custom seminars are also available on request in our organisation.