The Advisors


Bringing togheter Senior Experts (SEs) and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), ICT Control has developed an innovative concept by which project teams are created to best suit customer requirements. SEs and SMEs are available as customer engagement would require. No full time employees need to be placed unless they directly correspond to engagement requirements.

Possessing managerial, specialised and strategic skills, ICT Control experts are involved in various research and publications development aside their University lecture, the development of ISO standards and frameworks, and involvements in professional organisations activity.

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Eric Scamardi on Digital Forensic assignments

When investigating for fraud, unfair competition, or hacking, we use specific methodology involving technical research and correlation conducted in our digital laboratory with its specialized infrastructure.

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A Community of Experts, Professionals and Integrators

ICT Control brings together the knowledge and resources of professionals, experts and integrators in one place. Find out how entreprises - small and large - benefit from their know-how...

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NEw web pages for GDPR Services


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