Corporate Information

ICT Control NV-SA is a privately held Belgian company located in Brussels. It groups various senior consultants through partnership agreements. Active since 1999, ICT Control NV-SA is connected to Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ISACA International and various other professional organisations where ICT Control partners are activitly involved.

ICT Control NV-SA is independent from any third party delivering hardware, software, infrastructure or integration services. ICT Control partners hold various professional certifications and adhere to various recognised code of conduct and apply various international standards related to their domains of activity.


Headquarters: Avenue Montjoie/Montjoielaan 206 B-1180 Brussels, Belgium
Operational Offices: Rue Bara/Barastraat 6 B-1070 Brussels, Belgium
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm (GMT+1) 
Tel: +32 2 340.32.00

Entreprise nr: 0467.174.665
VAT nr: BE 0467.174.665
Social Security nr: 010/133 12 87-16 (ONSS/RSZ)




Georges Ataya
Managing Partner
+32 2 340 3200  


Xavier Vecchiato
Sales & Marketing
+32 2 340 3204 


Edwin Martin
Admin & Finances
+32 2 340 3200 

ICT Control offices

ICT Control disposes of offices in various locations including :
Legal address: Avenue Montjoielaan 206 - B-1180 Brussels
Main offices:  Rue Bara / Barastraat 6, 1070 Brussels

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ICT Control history

The company groups today more than 15 senior experts active in various domains related to the Enterprise Governance of IT.

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